[vtkusers] 3D texture mapping from images read in ITK

Stefano Sclaverano hellowskyfal at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 10:54:00 EDT 2009

Hi,it's long time that I didn't use vtk and I would know if someone could
suggest me some resolutions of my problem.
I know how to implement it in pure OpenGL by I'd glad to use VTK instead.
So my problem is :
I read some analyze 7,5 images by itk and I export them in vtk by using the
classical way ( itkImageToVTKImageFilter ).

Now having my images stored in vtkImageData there is a easy way, by using
vtk libraries, to build a 3D texture mapping from them?
Visualize them with some planes cutting the 3D volume and use a 3D model to
select the different parts of the images.
Or I have to create my proper texture, by hand, and after try to use the vtk
3D texture mapping functions as in OpenGL.

Also where can I find some example of the use of these functions?

Thanks for your help,
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