[vtkusers] compiling issues

Oliver Kania ptw.freiburg at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 18 03:28:53 EDT 2009

I think using Cmake implies having to manually add the names of new files
etc. to the Cmake file, doesnt it ? Whenever the project changes, I have to
"regenerate" the visual studio solution. I do not consider this to be
It would be if Cmake could be integrated in Visual Studio and the Cmake
stuff would
be generated automatically.

Best Regards,

2009/3/17 John Drescher <drescherjm at gmail.com>

> > The easiest way to use VTK to generate your own projects is through the
> use
> > of cmake, http://www.cmake.org/.  If you built VTK, you should already
> be
> > somewhat familiar with the use of cmake.  For more information and to get
> > started, look at your vtk source tree under VTK/Examples/Build.  The
> > directories vtkMy and vtkLocal are good starting points for the
> generating
> > your own projects.
> >
> Fully agreed. I don't play with linker settings at all. Every thing is
> in the CMakeLists.txt file and I can easily compile on VC2003, VC2005
> and linux with very little effort.
> John
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