[vtkusers] edges of adjoining cells

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Tue Mar 17 21:27:15 EDT 2009

Hi VTKers,

Does anyone know how one might display just the outer edges of  
adjoining 2-D cells?  For example, consider a simple "L" shape  
consisting of 3 cells stacked on top of one another and 2 cells  
across.  How could one draw the outer edges (preferably non-pixel  
based size) of the cells, without drawing the shared lines between  

My data actually consists of points on a regular lattice and I would  
like to display custom cells at the points.

I played with vtkGlyph2D and then set its actor's EdgeVisibilityOn,  
but that of course put edges around all cells (and was pixel-sized).

thanks for any suggestions, Randy

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