[vtkusers] tutorial, step1, Cone runs like a snail on OSX 10.5

Sean McBride sean at rogue-research.com
Thu Mar 12 18:23:30 EDT 2009

On 3/12/09 3:12 PM, Darren Weber said:

>On OSX 10.5  (see the project CMakeCache.txt attached):
>[ dweber at XXX ~/src/kitware/vtkTutorial/Step1/Cxx ]$ time ./Cone
>real	0m6.733s
>user	0m0.233s
>sys	0m0.186s

Are you talking about the "Cone" example that shows a window with a
cone, and the cone rotates 360 degrees?  If so, I get similar numbers on
my system.  Do you see a visible difference in the cone's rotation speed
between the two environments?  With this test, is the cone supposed to
rotate at max possible speed?  I never thought so, but maybe it is....

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