[vtkusers] Beta testers wanted for VTK-based cube puzzle software

Samo Jordan sj at sam-jordan.ch
Thu Mar 12 15:59:42 EDT 2009

Hello everybody

This is my first post to this list. I would like to announce the release of
a VTK-based application, for which I am seeking beta testers. Any help is
much appreciated! Here are a few infos about the software, for more details
and for screenshots just visit the webpage listed below.

Application name: VTK Cube Puzzle
URL: www.sam-jordan.ch/vtkcubepuzzle
License: MIT License (freeware)
Platform: Every platform, for which Python, Tcl/Tk and VTK are available.
Description: A cube puzzle simulation program with interactive 3D
graphics provided
 by VTK and a graphical user interface based on Tk. As a special feature,
the application
 is capable of calculating solutions for a very large class of cube
puzzles. It is completely
 written in Python and uses the Cube Puzzle Library, which is also
developed by the same
 author and which is also released under the MIT license. A link can be
found on the
 webpages referenced above.

I am especially interested to hear about experiences on other platforms
than the one
I use (OS X). Therefore I would be happy to hear not only about problems,
but also about
successful installations on other platforms. Any feedback is greatly

Best regards

Samo Jordan

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