[vtkusers] VTK + Qt: static or dynamic VTK build

J.S.Wijnhout at lumc.nl J.S.Wijnhout at lumc.nl
Wed Mar 11 10:30:47 EDT 2009

Michael Jackson wrote:
>If you are going to embed a QVTKWidget inside a Qt Window then you will need shared libraries because that is the only way 
>plugins are supported by Qt, at least that is the information that I have read somewhere.

Although correct, it is quite trivial in designer to promote a Qwidget to a QVTKWidget (without using the QVTKWidget designer plugin). Just create a "promotable widget" in designer, type in the class name and the header file and you are set. You can't change the QVTKWidget properties through designer in this case, for that you do need the plugin. In short, you should also be able to use the static build. Personally I would use the dynamic build, since that would allow me to use the LGPL-ed Qt.


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