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Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Fri Mar 6 15:12:34 EST 2009

First, may I recommend that you use the newer vtkExodusIIReader instead of vtkExodusReader.  The latter does not support some of the newer Exodus format features and is no longer being developed.

I think the problem is that the Exodus reader is not setting the active vector on its output  vtkExtractvectorComponents appears to be one of those older filters that expects its input to be the active vector.  You can set the field variable 'u' to be the active vectors by using the vtkAssignAttribute filter.


On 3/6/09 5:44 AM, "Eugen Wintersberger" <eugen.wintersberger at jku.at> wrote:

Hi there
  I am fairly new to VTK and would like to know how to extract data from
an ExodusII file using vktExodusReader using the python bindings of VTK.
I have stored displacement data in the file from a finite element
simulation. This data appears as a 3 component vector in the ExodusII
file. The data structure should be an unstructured grid (tets).

I tried the following (most probably naive) approach

import vtk

d = vtk.vtkExodusReader()
print d

uc = vtk.vtkExtractVectorComponents()

unfortunately vtkExtractVectorComponents complains that the input is no

Has anyone an idea how to get this working?

thanks in advance

PS: sorry for bothering you with such a maybe stupid question but I
could not find a useful example for vtkExodusReader anywhere on the web.
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