[vtkusers] [VtkEdge] vtkColorTransferFunction of lungs

wassim_belhadj at topnet.tn wassim_belhadj at topnet.tn
Fri Mar 6 03:38:48 EST 2009

Hello Lisa,

Thank you ver much for your answer I'm pleased :-)

My data is CT and  I'm  using Volume rendering techniques to view the

I used Volview  and I  find a good transfer function 
(vtkPiecewiseFunction) for Lungs but I have not found the appropriate
vtkColorTransferFunction. I would be delighted if you can help me.

I currently developing an interactive GUI for adjusting transfer function

I have left the interaction with Gradient opacity function as this function
is not supported yet by the GPU ray cast mapper.

Can you tell me please when this feature will be added to VTKEdge?

I' m using VTKEdge/VTK CVS and Qt4

Best Regards,
BELHADJ wassim



On Thu, 05 Mar 2009 17:05:39 -0500, Lisa Avila <lisa.avila at kitware.com>
> Hello Wassim,
> Are you trying to view the lungs as a surface, or transparently? I 
> assume your data is CT?
> The best way to "find" a good transfer function is with an interactive 
> GUI for adjusting transfer function nodes. You could try downloading the 
> trial version of VolView 3 from the Kitware web site, adjust the 
> transfer function interactively until you find a good one, then copy out 
> the node values into your program. That is what I almost always do when 
> I have to do a task like this - there is usually enough variation in 
> scan parameters that you can't really say "this hardcoded function will 
> be the best to show lungs in all CT data". Would be nice if that worked.
> :-)
> If you are still having problems after trying something interactive to 
> help you, let me know.
> Lisa
> wassim_belhadj at topnet.tn wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm using VTk/VTKEdge for lungs Volume rendering.
>> My problem is that I have not found the appropriate
>> vtkColorTransferFunction of lungs. 
>> Most of the examples provide vtkColorTransferFunction and 
>> vtkPiecewiseFunction functions of muscles, bones, skin but not lungs.
>> Bellow my transfer function that I used to display Lungs.
>> 	opacityFun->AddPoint(-960,0.0);
>> 	opacityFun->AddPoint(-950, 1.0);
>>          opacityFun->AddPoint(-550,1.0 );
>> 	opacityFun->AddPoint(-500,0.3 );
>> 	opacityFun->AddPoint(-450, 0.0);
>> 	opacityFun->AddPoint(-300, 0.0);
>> Can someone HELP ME?
>> Best regards,
>> wassim
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