[vtkusers] Using PointLocator and insert points

Bryn Lloyd blloyd at vision.ee.ethz.ch
Tue Mar 3 02:38:47 EST 2009


For "normal" usage, where all points are added at once, you can setup 
the locator by passing it a dataset: 
vtkPointLocator::SetDataSet(vtkDataSet *)

For your usage you need to use the function 
vtkPointLocator::InitPointInsertion(vtkPoints *newPts, const double 
This function expects a vtkPoints object and the bounds in which the 
point locator operates. It will not find points outside the bounds.
The vtkPoints could be shared by the locator and the polydata.


Charles Monty Burns wrote:
> Hello,
> I will use the vtkPointLocator to detect wheather a point exist in a
> special space in my polydata-mesh. If no one exist I will add one, but
> the added point should be available to the locator for a further
> search.
> How can I do this? The point will be added to the mesh and should also
> available to the locator.
> Greetings
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