[vtkusers] cutting a 4D set of points

Lorenzo Bernardi lorenzo.bernardi at lpn.cnrs.fr
Fri Jul 31 13:57:09 EDT 2009

Hi John,
> If you have a look at pv-meshless
> https://twiki.cscs.ch/twiki/bin/view/ParaViewMeshless
> you'll see there are a number of custom filters which are intended to 
> operate on point based data.
> The web page descriptions are a little out of date, and you should 
> have a look at the "SPHERIC 2009 Tutorial Material" on the page - in 
> particular a powerpoint presentation located here 
> https://twiki.cscs.ch/twiki/pub/ParaViewMeshless/WebHome/pv-meshless-particle-data.ppt 
thanks a lot for the information. pv-meshless looks very interesting and 
I will look through it. In fact my problem is that I want to represent 
the wavefunction on a regular (but not cubic grid) were I don't have the 
connectivity but can find it through the table of nearest neighbour. But 
for now each time I try something with vtk it doesn't work so I'm a 
little bit confused ;) I'll try also another root with structured grid 
and blanking (which doesn't seem to work ).

Anyway I really find the SPH method interesting and I hope I can use it.

Take care


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