[vtkusers] Combining three velocity components

Adam Wiktor awiktor at emory.edu
Fri Jul 31 12:16:51 EDT 2009

Hi All,

I am fairly new to VTK, so please bear with me. I'm trying to visualize
blood flow in the aorta from MRI scans. The velocity data is stored in three
separate vti images, for the x-, y- and z- components. Each image has a
scalar variable 'DICOMImage' which is the speed in that direction. I need to
combine the components into the overall velocity, which I will then import
into paraview to add streamlines and other things.

My original thought was to use the vtkArrayCalculator to multiply each image
by the unit vector (for the x component, for example, it would be
DICOMImage*iHat). I would then need to combine these vectors into the
velocity with another calculator, just doing x+y+z. I might be able to
simplify this by just using one calculator that did x*iHat + y*jHat +
z*kHat, but I don't know how to change the variable names from DICOMImage to
x, y, and z so that the calculator can distinguish between them.

First of all, I'd like to know if there's an easier way of doing this.

If there isn't a more straight-forward way, then the main thing I need to
figure out is how to get the final calculator to use the three different
inputs. What would be the best way to do that?

Thanks for any help you can give!

- Adam
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