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Sercani sercanimailgroups at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 11:46:36 EDT 2009

Hi Guru;
Always remember to keep the discussion on vtk user list, don't forget to 
add the vtkusers at vtk.org to your mail header...There a lot of writers in 
vtk, for example if you want to write imagedata to .vtk file you can use 
it like this:

vtkImageWriter writer = new vtkImageWriter();
 writer.SetFileDimensionality(3); //for 3d datasets

And you can read DICOM files like this:

vtkDICOMImageReader reader = new vtkDICOMImageReader();
reader.SetDataScalarTypeToUnsignedChar(); //or whatever you want

I don't use itk, so i don't have the jar...

Gururajan wrote:
> hi Sercan,
> Thanks for your kind reply .
> Actually i have Vtk.jar , and i configure in Eclipse environment,
> My objective is
>     I haveto  read series of dicom files and then convert into 3d format
> (.vtk) or any format to display that readed files in 3D view.
> i have configured the vtk.jar in eclipse.
> Please help me, or if u have itk.jar plz give it to me.
> Thank you so much
> Namaste
> Guru Rajan.r
> Sercani wrote:
>> Hi Guru,
>> What do you exactly mean by 3d view? MIP? MINIP? VRT? SSD? MPR? Have
>> you built vtk with java wrapping on?
>> Namaste,
>> Sercan...
>> Gururajan wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> am a programmer in java, i want to read dicom series of files & then it
>>> should display in 3d view using Vtk.
>>> Please any one can help me.
>>> Thanks
>>> Guru
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