[vtkusers] vtkusers Digest, Vol 63, Issue 25

frency v frencyvarghese at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 27 10:52:49 EDT 2009

Hello Venkat,
If Update() doesnt work please try Modified() call.

> I have a vtkPolyDataReader that reads in a very small input
> file with two
> scalars and 6 data points. I use that to create an XYPlot
> and it all works
> like a treat. I wanted to print the point data to the
> terminal (for no
> specific reason) and tried to use the vtkPolyData object
> that is output from
> the vtkPolyDataReader object. When I printed the output
> from the reader
> object, it seems to say give 0 for Number of Points, Number
> of Cells etc etc
> etc. My XYPlot ouput is as expected. Is there something I
> am missing? This
> has been reported before but I couldn't find a solution.
> Thanks,
> Venkat


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