[vtkusers] parallel vtk - looking for dummy user docu

Boettcher, Dr. Peter Boettcher at kleintierklinik.uni-leipzig.de
Mon Jul 20 12:38:58 EDT 2009

Dear all
I am looking for any kind of tutorial which demonstrates the implementation of parallel processing using VTK (including the configuration of third party libraries needed). A part from the example files which come along with VTK I wasn't able to find further documentaiton of that feature.
Regards, Peter.
Peter Böttcher, Dr med vet, DipECVS
European Veterinary Specialist in Surgery
Fachtierarzt für Kleintierchirurgie
Klinik für Kleintiere 
Universität Leipzig 
An den Tierkliniken 23 
D-04103 Leipzig (Germany)
Tel: +49-341-9738700 
Fax: +49-341-9738799
email: boettcher at kleintierklinik.uni-leipzig.de

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