[vtkusers] modification of vtk 5.4.2 binaries for MITK

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Tue Jul 14 12:12:34 EDT 2009

Due you own a commercial Qt License? If so then use the "commercial"  
version. If you can legally abide by the GPL then download the open- 
source version of Qt. You should just need the pre-built binaries.

After you have Qt installed on your system, rerun CMake on the VTK  
sources and then time tell CMake where to find qmake.exe using a full  
absolute path such as "C:\Qt-4\bin\qmake.exe". Run "Configure" again  
inside CMake-Gui.exe and this time through CMake should be able to  
locate Qt for you.

Mike Jackson                 www.bluequartz.net

On Jul 14, 2009, at 12:01 PM, Albert King wrote:

> Hi Ayachit,
> Thanks for the reply.But I am not able to find the exact qt 4.0 link  
> for MITK.I logged onhttp://www.qtsoftware..com/downloads there are 2  
> categories in this lgpl free and commercial version.which one to  
> choose and do i need to install the sdk or libraries.I have  
> downloaded and installed qt sdk for windows ,but Iam not able to  
> build .The error message qt not found flashes.Can some body Please  
> Help.Thanks in Advance

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