[vtkusers] java wrapped vtkCellLocator

Lars Matthäus lars.matthaeus at web.de
Fri Jul 3 03:56:57 EDT 2009

I added a method compatible with wrapping syntax to vtkCellLocator:

// Return closest cell id and set the coordinates of the closest point
//to out array
int vtkCellLocator::FindClosestPoint(double x[3], double out[3])
  vtkIdType cell_id;
  int sub_id;
  double dist2 = 0;
  this->FindClosestPoint(x, out,cell_id, sub_id,dist2);
  return cell_id;

The problem is that c++ methods with java-incompatible parameters /
return types get simply not wrapped.

HTH, Lars

> The java wrapped version of vtkCellLocator does not implement the
> FindClosestPoint method. Is there a reason for this or is it just an
> oversight? How would I go about implementing this functionality using
> what’s available via java wrapped classes and methods?

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