[vtkusers] Bug in vtkImageStencil

Michael Knopke Michael.Knopke at gmx.de
Tue Nov 25 12:01:08 EST 2008

another bug that I reported, but now with steps to reproduce:

change line 237 of ImageTracerWidget.tcl :
isw ClosedOff
isw ClosedOn
...to make the tracer widget always close the spline (a closed path doesn't
update the spline).

Start the script.
In the left window draw something like a circle but don't close it, it will
automatically close the spline on the right side.
No move the spline outside the image:
When moving up or down all is correct, but moving left right (outside of the
image) produces wrong cropping (or crashes). This bug was not in VTK 5.1
(cvs nightly).


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