[vtkusers] Bug with vtkSliderWigdet

Michael Knopke Michael.Knopke at gmx.de
Tue Nov 25 11:41:31 EST 2008


I reported this some time ago, but that time it was only in CVS nightly. Now
the bug made it into vtk 5.2.0  and it's quite easy to prove:

Just change line 128 in File CameraAndSliderWidget.tcl from:
  [sliderRep GetPoint1Coordinate] SetValue 0.3 0.1

  [sliderRep GetPoint1Coordinate] SetValue 0.9 0.1


and line 130:

[sliderRep GetPoint2Coordinate] SetValue 0.9 0.1
[sliderRep GetPoint2Coordinate] SetValue 0.9 0.9

Now try resizing the the window, the Widget will not scale correctly...

PS: I think I filed a bug report once also.





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