[vtkusers] Mac OS X x86_64 with Qt-4.5.x,vtk-5.3.x

Clinton Stimpson clinton at elemtech.com
Thu Nov 20 22:48:24 EST 2008

Sean McBride wrote:
> On 11/18/08 1:01 PM, Clinton Stimpson said:
>> You could try implementing vtkCocoaRenderWindow::SetWindowInfo to 
>> something like this:
>>  int tmp;
>>  sscanf(info "%i", &tmp);
>>    NSMutableDictionary* manager =
>>      reinterpret_cast<NSMutableDictionary *>(this->GetCocoaManager());
>>    [manager setObject:reinterpret_cast<id>(tmp)
>>                forKey:@"DisplayId"];
>> I don't know if that sscanf thing is the right syntax for Obj-C.
> 'int' is no good, because in the 64 bit ABI, an 'int' is still 32 bit,
> but a pointer (like 'id') is 64 bit.  I suggest using NSUInteger because
> it is always the same size as a pointer (32 in 32bit and 64 in 64bit). 
> Likewise, %i should be %lu.
Thanks for clarifying that.  I assume you'll have to add ifdefs or 
something since NSUInteger is new for the 10.5 SDK?
> Do I understand correctly that this API takes an ASCII string (of a
> base-10 number) that represents a pointer address?!?  That's strange,
> no?  This is likely to wreak havoc with Obj-C garbage collection...
Yes, its a string of a base 10 number which one can extract then 
reinterpret cast back to a native window system handle.
The vtkRenderWindow::SetWindowInfo() is called by the GTK, Qt, wx Python 
codes that interface with VTK.  Of the 3, it looks like Qt is the only 
one that optionally uses Cocoa now.


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