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Dean Inglis dean.inglis at sympatico.ca
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I have a vtkPolydata 3D surface comprised of triangles

with scalar values associated with the point data.  I want

to remove all triangles having a scalar value of 0 at all

three points of the triangles.  After which, I want to measure

the volume of the surface using vtkMassProperties.  

vtkThreshold does almost exactly

what I need with the exception that it outputs a

vtkUnstructuredGrid and not a vtkPolyData.  


vtkThreshold* threshold = vtkThreshold::New();

threshold->SetInputConnection( poly );




threshold->ThresholdByUpper( 0 );


How can I recover a vtkPolyData? I have

seen vtkUnstructuredGridToPolyDataFilter

but this is an abstract class.





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