[vtkusers] QVTKWidget Size In Container Widget

Simon ESNEAULT simon.esneault at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 13:45:53 EST 2008


GlxGears is correctly display. But some VTK program without QT are also
badly display. Here is an example of Medical1 example :

I've tryed disabling kwin compositing, it doesn't change, neither than
running only one screen.
Driver is 177.80 and stil geforce quadro FX 4500. Anyone with the same
config ?

When i use FLTK with an embeded VTK window, there is no such problem.
Sometiems, when i start paraview in full screen mode, the widget fill all
the "container widget" but if i click on the "umaximize" icon, then i've got
this bug again...
Paraview doesn't output anything from a terminal ...

Any idea ????

On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 16:21, Clinton Stimpson <clinton at elemtech.com>wrote:

> Do other opengl programs have that problem (glxgears for example)?  What
> about the other Qt/VTK examples?
> What happens if you change your configuration to a single screen?
> Clint
> Simon ESNEAULT wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've got the same behaviour here, the size of any QVTKWidget is not
>> correct, it's only in the top left, see these 2 links with image from
>> exemple "SimpleView" and from Paraview :
>> http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/7940/paravibx2.jpg
>> http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/297/qvtkwidgetrx8.jpg
>> Running kubuntu 8.10 64 bit, dual screen on Geforce quadro FX 4500, QT
>> 4.4.3, VTK 5.2
>> Anyone as the same problem ? Is it related to the dual screen ? It's
>> seem's that the height of the widget is exactly half of the normal height...
>> It's also strange that this doesn't occurs everytimes, sometimes it's the
>> correct but i can't find when...
>> Thxs for helping and for the great library !
>> Simon

Simon Esneault
Laboratoire Traitement du Signal et de l'Image, (LTSI, UMR-INSERM 642)
Université de Rennes I, Campus de Beaulieu,
35042 Rennes Cedex, France.
Tel : +33 (0)6 64 61 30 94
Mail : simon.esneault at univ-rennes1.fr
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