[vtkusers] Problem getting correct results with vtkProjectedTerrainPath

Elvis Dowson elvis.dowson at mac.com
Thu Nov 13 14:49:00 EST 2008

Hi Amy,
                  I got the spacing from the dataset using the  
following code fragment

# Get the physical xyz spacing of dataset
scan [[reader GetOutput] GetSpacing] "%f %f %f" width height length
puts "Physical spacing of dataset: $width $height $length"

and used it to initialize the vtkImageData as follows

vtkImageData elevationData
   elevationData SetDimensions $XmaxR $YmaxR $ZmaxR
   elevationData SetOrigin $XminB $YminB $ZminB
   elevationData SetSpacing $width $height $length

However, the image is still a blank!!

Here is part of the output:

Dataset reader actual memory: 597
Dataset reader no of points: 152709
Physical extent of dataset: 0 326 0 466 0 0
Physical bounds of dataset: 557945.0 567725.0 5.10799e+06 5.12197e+06  
682.0 682.0
Physical spacing of dataset: 30.0 30.0 1.0

Best regards,

Elvis Dowson
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