[vtkusers] Problem with 'vtkThreshold'

Nour Mestiri nourmestiri at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 13 04:44:13 EST 2008

I knew that i can resolve the problem using the 'SafeDownCast' function. How can i do this?

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sometimes I get this kind of error if an include is missing. In your case that
would be #include "vtkDataObject.h"
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Datum: Mittwoch, 12. November 2008, 18:55
Betreff: [vtkusers] Problem with 'vtkThreshold'
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> Hi all vtk users.
> I have a problem with 'vtkThreshold' class.
> I want to use the output of a 'vtkThreshold ' as the input of a 'GeometryFilter'.
> I do this:
> vtkThreshold *thresholdEdgels = vtkThreshold::New();
> ...
> ...
> vtkGeometryFilter *gf = vtkGeometryFilter::New();
> gf->SetInput(thresholdEdgels->GetOutput());
> When i this this code, i have this error:
> cannot convert parameter 1 from 'class vtkUnstructuredGrid *' to 'class vtkDataObject *'
> How should i do to rectify this?
> Thanks a lot

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