[vtkusers] VTKDiCOMImage Reader and QT 4.4.

Eric E. Monson emonson at cs.duke.edu
Wed Nov 12 09:19:14 EST 2008

Hello Dongqing,

I can't answer number 1, but as to number 2: There are two examples I  
have found especially helpful in compiling Qt along with VTK -- VTK/ 
Examples/GUI/Qt/SimpleView and VTK/Examples/Infovis/Cxx/EasyView. Both  
of them have CMakeList.txt files which should help you get started  
using CMake to compile your project which includes both Qt and VTK.

You can try these applications out by compiling VTK with  
which can be used along with Qt Designer, build VTK with  

I know this doesn't give too many details, but I hope it helps get you  

Eric E Monson
Duke Visualization Technology Group

On Nov 11, 2008, at 1:44 PM, Dongqing Chen wrote:

> Dear All:
>   Hopefully, I could get some help from this group list. I have two  
> small qustions:
>  1. Before, I have been using and processing pgm file, and could  
> load in all the pgm slices under the same folder at once (using  
> vtkPNMReader). Now, I have just upgraded to VTK 5.2, and want to use  
> VTKDICOMImage Reader to load in all the dicom image at once. But the  
> problem is that the original dicom image has very long name: like  
> "55A92B8DACF957B9CA28E1FEB3CDA877". Could such name be recognized by  
> VTKDicomImageReader. Otherwise, how could I change the name to the  
> format with name order, say, my_dicom.001.dcm, my_dicom.002.dcm,....?
>  2. I just installed the QT 4.4 to design a GUI. How could I compile  
> QT with VTK 5.2. Sorry, before I have never used QT to design GUI.
>   Thank you.
> Best Wishes,
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