[vtkusers] Please help me to reset the camera. (reset the rotation)

Shady Shidfar shady_shidfar at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 9 08:57:57 EST 2008

Dear all VTK users,
I have a problem and I have emailed the forum several times but rarely got any reply. I'm really stuck with it. I simply need to reset the camera. I use the vtkRenderer.ResetCamera().
The problem is the actors if zoomed, are restored to there initial situation but the rotation of the actor won't be reset. Please can someone help me with this. you can simply try the example in 
Examples\Rendering\TclCylinder.tcl. I guess pressing "r" does the ResetCamera action. If you rotate the object and press "r", it won't be restored to it's initial position. can please someone help 
me with this issue.


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