[vtkusers] error: invalid conversion from 'GLint*' to 'long int*'

Carl Trapani carl at skytopsoftware.com
Tue Nov 4 11:11:27 EST 2008

Thanks Sean. One more question if you (or anyone else) have time:

Can I build a C++ application that uses VTK for a machine running OS X 
10.4 if my machine is 10.5?

I'm thinking all I need to do is have two CMake Build directories and 
two SDKs (10.4 and 10.5) on my machine. Then, set CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT to 
the appropriate SDK for each build? Then, my application will link 
against one of the target VTK Builds. Is that overly complicated? Should 
I just make everyone move to 10.5 and give up 10.4?


Sean McBride wrote:
> On 11/4/08 9:57 AM, Carl Trapani said:
>> Yeah, I think you are right. My OpenGL was improperly updated somehow. 
> I tend to agree.  And if you do wipe, I suggest installing 10.5, not 10.4.
> For interest: in the 10.4 and older SDKs, GLint was typedefed to long. 
> In the 10.5 SDK, they changed it to int.  In the 32bit Mac OS X ABI, int
> and long are the same size, so in a way they changed nothing.  On the 64
> bit ABI, int is 32 bit, and long is 64 bit.  So I guess they made the
> change because they wanted GLint to always be 32 bit.  Alas, with C++
> name mangling the change between int and long is not as equivalent as it
> is in C/Obj-C.

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