[vtkusers] error: invalid conversion from 'GLint*' to 'long int*'

Carl Trapani carl at skytopsoftware.com
Tue Nov 4 09:57:15 EST 2008

Hi Martin,

Yeah, I think you are right. My OpenGL was improperly updated somehow. 
I'm going to wipe my machine and start clean. Have you used Fink 
(http://www.finkproject.org/) for package management on OS X (10.4)?

Thanks for the advice and info and lead to Xcode disk.

Martin Costabel wrote:
> Carl Trapani wrote:
> []
>> I'm really not sure which is used? Eclipse indicates that 
>> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Headers/gl.h 
>> is used and indeed, it typedef's GLint to an int rather than long int 
>> (and hence my problem).
> []
>> I guess I'll look and see if I can't update OpenGL for my Mac. Anyone 
>> know how I would do that? 
> From looking at various OpenGL/gl.h's, I would say your problem is 
> just the opposite: You must have overwritten your System OpenGL.h by 
> one that is not meant for MacOSX 10.4.
> The System OpenGL headers are installed by OpenGLSDK.pkg from the 
> Xcode disk. They are not updated automatically by SoftwareUpdate.
> From the oldest Xcode I could find up until the latest xcode for 10.4, 
> xcode-2.5, I see "typedef long GLint;" in 
> /System//Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Headers/gl.h.
> Starting from xcode-3.0 (the one that comes with OSX 10.5), I see 
> "typedef int GLint;" there. Why Apple made this change and how they 
> can get away with it without breakage, I don't know, but if you have 
> "typedef int GLint;" in your /System OpenGL/gl.h, you must have 
> installed an OpenGLSDK.pkg meant for 10.5.

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