[vtkusers] error: invalid conversion from 'GLint*' to 'long int*'

Carl Trapani carl at skytopsoftware.com
Tue Nov 4 09:52:49 EST 2008

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your comments.

Michael Jackson wrote:
> The one that is used depends on what your SDK is set to. 
> Looking at the above I am assuming you are on OS X 10.4. When you 
> installed Xcode you also installed the 10.3.9 SDK. You also have X11 
> installed and something else 3rd party in /usr/local. Framework 
> includes are kinda odd. OpenGL/gl.h is properly resolved because you 
> take the name of the framework (OpenGL) and then the name of the 
> header (gl.h) and you get #include <OpenGL/gl.h>.
Well, I'm going to wipe my machine and start clean. I inherited it from 
a Linux guy (I think he updated OpenGL to incompatible version) and then 
I butchered it by adding FLTK (probably the wrong version), ITK and VTK 
in various poorly chosen directories like /Developer/Applications (prior 
to your advice in another post). I will keep things in my home directory 
going forward or installed in Users/Shared.

>> I guess I'll look and see if I can't update OpenGL for my Mac. Anyone 
>> know how I would do that? More generally, (I know this is off topic, 
>> sorry) anyone know how I manage software/libraries on the Mac OS 10.4?
> The only "Official" updates would be from Apple. If you are running OS 
> X 10.4.11 then you have the latest version of OpenGL for your system. 
> There are no other updates. I believe these problems are coming from 
> OS X 10.5, where Apple redid some of the typedefs for OpenGL which I 
> think breaks some apps. Sean McBride knows more about this than anyone 
> else. Look in the bug tracker for this problem because I know it is in 
> there.
> Managing Software on OS X is generally done through Drag and Drop for 
> most applications. Some come with an installer. Official updates to 
> the operating system are through "Software Update" (Apple 
> Menu->Software Update). Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a nice 
> "uninstall" mechanism with OS X so if you install something that 
> scatters files through out your system go to the developer for an 
> uninstaller. Otherwise you typically just drag the application to the 
> trash can to uninstall.
I'm also going to look at Fink (http://www.finkproject.org/) unless you 
think I should stay away from it?


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