[vtkusers] Seakeeping with Paraview

Patrizio Di Francesco difrancesco.p at gmx.net
Tue Nov 4 08:11:04 EST 2008

Hi every one,

With few words I'll explain my problem so maybe you could help me. I want to create a simulation where a ship model can move on the surface of the sea. I've a datasheet with six columns of values in time domain about  roll, pitch, heave, sway, surge and yaw. My idea is to generate or to import  a 3D model of ship for animating it with my datasheet in Paraview. Then I want to create a video of this animation in avi format file.

These are my questions:

Is it possible to solve this problem? If It's, how?
Can I import my datasheet for creating each video frame?
Is it possibile to define a center and to animate my model knowing the coordinates of this center for each time value?
There are some people interested in how to simulate seakeeping behavior of a ship with Paraview?

Many thanks for your consideration.

Kind regards,

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