[vtkusers] vtkAVIWriter rendering and speed problems

William E Lucarell welucarell at equityeng.com
Wed Feb 27 15:31:48 EST 2008

Yay, found the other answer but I figured I'd post it if anyone needed the


For rendering, the Update() method on the vtkWindowToImageFilter doesn't
work.  Instead, filter.Update() should be filter.Modified().  Then the AVI
will render each frame.





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I found out how to slow the framers per second on my own.  Just call
writer.Write() in an n-count for loop.


Example:  for (int k = 0; k < 15; k++) writer.Write();


The movie, unlike the render window, still doesn't update the image based on
the change in scalars, though.


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Subject: [vtkusers] vtkAVIWriter rendering and speed problems


I am using vtkAVIWriter to generate an AVI movie in Java.  However, there
are two problems:


1)      I can't adjust the speed in frames per second so that every 200-500
milliseconds, the frame will change.

2)      Even though I change the scalars and update the window to image
filter, the image will not change colors based on the scalar changes.


Below is a code snippet:


    public void createAVI () {


        // Prepare the filter and AVI writer

        filter = new vtkWindowToImageFilter();


        writerAVI = new vtkAVIWriter();





        // Write each frame of the movie

        for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {







        // Close the AVI writer


//        TestMesh.GetPointData().SetScalars(scalars[0]);





What am I missing? Thanks for your help in advance.


Bill Lucarell



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