[vtkusers] Performance in plotting radar data with Vtk

David Harrington drharrington at wbmpl.com.au
Sun Feb 24 21:54:53 EST 2008

Hi All,

I am trying to plot some radar data in real-time with VTK, due to a complete 
lack of knowledge with OpenGl. I have an output that looks pretty much how I 
want, however the performance is a bit sluggish.

Attached is a small test bed, as well as the plotting library I am using. 
The testbed generates random data in the format we receive it.

I have two questions:
+ how do I colour the data based on it's value? I can warp it in the Z plane 
fine, but colouring is beyond me :(
+ how can I improve the performance? I'm sure there are much better ways to 
do some of this...

If you have a moment, please try running TestPlotting, then let me know 
where I could improve performance, or where I can improve the approach 

Thanks in advance for any advice.


As a comparison, the render time is about 0.7s on my 1.8Ghz laptop.
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