[vtkusers] use shader in vtk

Iryna Pavlyshak iryna at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Feb 23 22:09:36 EST 2008

>> Hey,
> GO to  to the VTK source code repository and use CVS access to update
> your VTK version. Let me know about shaders you are going to use, cauz I
> am trying to implement vtkShader and vtkShaderProgram and found out that
> their effects are dependent on XMLMaterials. I found only four materials:
> Anisotropic.xml, Phong.xml, ProceduralTexture.xml, SmoothPlastic.xml I
> need something which could simulate X-Ray effect...
> best, iryna
> hi to all: I want to use shader in vtk and I find some tutorials on the
>> Internet,but it seems that the lastest release of vtk doesn't support 
>> shader because there's no classes like vtkShader,vtkShaderProgram. I 
>> checked the document in the home page,its version is 5.1.0,so where can
>> I get this version of vtk? Thanks a lot.
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