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Hello Mark,
thank you for your answer, I see that you are familiar whith VTK.
Yes, I'm using software based mapper , it's my first test of rendering volumes.
could you please telle me morte about the hardware mappers , I don't know them and if it's possible to use them with VTK.
thank you a lot for your help.

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I wish I could be of more help, it looks like you're using a software
based mapper (vtkVolumeRayCastMapper) which for decently sized
datasets on a single CPU system can really hang things up, at least in
my experience. You can try downing the resolution of the volume, or at
least to speed up interactive rendering, you can reduce the sampling
factors (but then you may get a really really blurry blob, as best I
can describe it!).

I've had a lot of success using the software mappers on multicore
systems, the performance is pretty impressive.

In applications where I've used these mappers, I put in the choice to
switch to one of the hardware mappers which are pretty quick.

Since you never know what machine the app may run on, it's good to
have a choice.

Hope that helps somewhat,



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