[vtkusers] getting started

Jim Harsh jharsh at lanl.gov
Tue Feb 19 18:12:25 EST 2008


I've been away from VTK for awhile but I think this new project is 
better suited to VTK than our in-house stuff. I have 3 images, they 
happen to be x-ray images, of a plate being impacted by a projectile. 
The projectile hits the plate perpendicularly, two of the images are 
taken at 45 degrees to the impact, the third is taken in the plane of 
the plate so the bulge on the back is visible. I'd like to see the 
object put back together, so that the spray is visible and the bulge 
is visible by rotating the object. Getting the object reconstructed 
is what I'm not sure about in VTK.
Any suggestions?


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