[vtkusers] "Manual" break of Pipeline

Osc@r olguna at cimat.mx
Fri Feb 15 20:28:48 EST 2008

Hi all!!!!
I'm building an itk-vtk application for segmentation 
Pipeline is as in itkSoftwareGuide, but i'm building FastMarching and
ShapeDetection, using the same filters 

(AnisotropicDiffussion, GradientMAgnitude and Sigmoid) for both, when run

anyfilter the first time, everything is OK, but if run 

FastMarching (and just FastMarching) then ShapeDetection executes too, i'm
think that 

it is because FastMarching->GetOutput(), is actually, an input for

is that right?? if it is, is there a way to stop this behaviour?? I mean, is
there a way to break up the pipeline temporary?? or break pipeline and
re-build it each time I need??

Tnx in advance...

Oscar Gutiérrez Luna
Cubiculo: J4
Tel.: 73 271-55 ext. 49672
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