[vtkusers] vtkCSCS for VTK 5.0 ?

John Biddiscombe biddisco at cscs.ch
Wed Feb 13 05:11:23 EST 2008


> If you call cvs status -v Rendering/vtkPainterPolyDataMapper.h
> you'll see that it is never tagged with a VTK tag.   So this file (and
> others) exists in CVS trunk, but not in any CVS checkout based on a
> VTK tag.
> Should it be like this?  Or should this file be included in the VTK
> distribution too?
Some classes are newer than any formal vtk release, so are not tagged 
yet. when vtk5.2 is released (expected end-Feb), you'll no doubt find it 
in the correct place.


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