[vtkusers] vtkImageReader2 slow

Prashanth prashanth.dumpuri at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Feb 1 13:13:58 EST 2008

        I'm reading a 512 x 512 x 176 image volume using 
vtkImageReader2. I'm using Python ( reading in an image volume is the 
first step in my GUI and therefore I'm using Python and TkInter). I did 
timings using vtkTimerLog with start/stop just around the "reader 
Update" line of code and it took me 136.6 seconds to read in the image 
volume. Here's some additional info. :  Image Data Type = Unsigned Short 
and Size = 90,112 Kb and I'm using Windows with VTK built using 
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
    I did make sure that my Python Wrapping variable (PYTHONPATH) was 
pointing to the Release libraries and I used the ReleaseDataFlagOn for 
vtkImageReader2. The image is stored on a different drive and I have 
mapped the drive to my computer using Windows' "Map Network drive". I'm 
on a 10Mbps network and I have 1Gb of RAM on my computer. 136 seconds 
still seems too long to read in a relatively small data set. Can someone 
help me figure out what's going on and help me speed up the process ?

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