[vtkusers] More fine-grained vtkMarchingCubes

Alexandre GOUAILLARD hanfei at caltech.edu
Mon Jul 30 23:33:57 EDT 2007

You actually cannot change any parameter as the stair effect depends on the
spacing of the original image.

You can resample the image and then apply the marching cube, or you can
smooth the resulting mesh.

As sursampling the data would make the MC slower, people usually do the
MC -> decimate -> smooth


On 7/30/07 8:05 PM, "Vladimir Lazunin" <lazunin.v.aa at m.titech.ac.jp> wrote:

> I use vtkMarchingCubes to extract a surface from a voxel data. Naturally,
> I get a surface which looks like "stairs". Which parameter shall I change
> to make each step of that "stairs" smaller (increasing their number, of
> course), or bigger (decreasing their number)?
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