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David.Pont at ensisjv.com David.Pont at ensisjv.com
Wed Jul 25 17:27:09 EDT 2007

"Tilo Junge" <pult34 at gmx.de> wrote on 25/07/2007 20:24:07:

> Hello again
> Somebody post me the solution of my problem, but now I have new one:
> I have a cube with a cylinder through the middle.
> How can I cut the cylinder out of the cube?

In vtk you can do 'clipping' with implicit functions (cutting is a
different thing) with the class vtkClipPolyData. The Vtk implicit cylinder
is vtkCylinder. To clarify the difference between clipping and cutting see
documentation and examples for vtkClip* and vtkCutter

regards, Dave P

> Thanks in advance.
> tilo
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