[vtkusers] Interaction with FEM model

Fırat Doğan firatdogan at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 06:02:15 EDT 2007


I am a new starter to VTK and Paraview; installed vtk, crated and compiled
sample applications in C++ without any problem.

In my research I have adopted FEM code (includes Metis and Petsc math
classes) which calculates deformation on given body with respect to given
forces and produces *.vtk files which shows output of deformation which can
be seen or animated in Paraview.

Now I would like to generate simple gui which shows my geometry (simple 3d
cube) and allows users to interact with it using mouse clicks to simulate
applied forces using VTK and after calculation done (hopefully in 1/20 sc)
it must show deformations results (simply vtk files or I may use another

As a summary, I would like to create GUI which supports:

- Interaction with my model
-Read VTK files (or something else) to produce output in 1/20 second.

1- But I dont know where to start using VTK, is there any sample codes for
force(mouse clicks)  interaction, output results using piping etc ?
2- Or can I just use paraview (I can read vtk files)  and my FEM code
together over such a piping mechanism using tcl/tk scripting language in
easier way ?

Can you quide me ?
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