[vtkusers] vtk crash

Dov Mayzlish dov.mayzlish at philips.com
Thu Jul 19 02:41:22 EDT 2007


After my application worked correctly, I've made some changes that I cannot
retrieve, that cause vtk to crash:

"Microsoft Visual Studio C Runtime Library has detected a fatal error in

The crash happens at the following places:

void vtkInformationExecutivePortVectorKey::Set(vtkInformation* info,
                                               vtkExecutive** executives,
                                               int* ports, int length)
     v->Executives.insert(v->Executives.begin(), executives,
executives+length); // crashes at the .begin()
which is called deep inside
w2if->Update();  // w2if is  * vtkWindowToImageFilter

When I comment out the update function, I get a simillar crash at:

void vtkInformationIntegerVectorKey::Set(vtkInformation* info, int* value,
                                         int length)
v->Value.insert(v->Value.begin(), value, value+length); // crashes at the
which is called deep inside
mapper->SetInput(polys); // (mapper is *vtkPolyDataMapper and polys is

Does anyone has any suggestions what could cause these crashes?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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