[vtkusers] Question about the QT GUI Events example

Anders Sandholm anders.sandholm at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 08:48:25 EDT 2007


I need to use QT in a project along with vtk and I compiled the vtk
with gui support, and I have mad some stupied examples. But then I
looked at the Events example that are in the
Now this might be a Qt Designer question but I think that you know
this because it is tied to the QVTKWidget.
When I look in the file GUI.h the function init() there is a pointer
called ren1,

ren1 = vtkRenderer::New();

now this is not created before it is used, so this got me curious, so
I looked in the GUI.ui file and found

    <include location="local" impldecl="in
    <include location="local" impldecl="in
    <include location="local" impldecl="in
    <include location="local" impldecl="in
    <include location="local" impldecl="in implementation">GUI.ui.h</include>
    <forward>class vtkRenderer;</forward>
    <forward>class vtkEventQtSlotConnect;</forward>
    <forward>class vtkObject;</forward>
    <forward>class vtkCommand;</forward>
    <variable>vtkRenderer* ren1;</variable>
    <variable>vtkRenderer* ren2;</variable>
    <variable>vtkEventQtSlotConnect* connections;</variable>

and my question is where in QT Designer do I add these includes,
classes and variables? I am using QT version 4.3.0
(if there exist an homepage/manual where this is explained please
point me to that one, I have tried to find information in the Qt
Designer manual, but can find anything.)

best regards

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