[vtkusers] Drawing a simple line graph (CONTINUES...)

Dean Inglis dean.inglis at camris.ca
Thu Jul 5 15:51:18 EDT 2007

Hi Isidro,

SetResolution is intended so set the number of
intermediate points on the line.  This may be
useful when passing the line into vtkProbeFilter
to probe an image or 3D dataset 
(see Examples/GUI/Tcl/StreamlinesWithLineWidget.tcl).


Hi Dean, thanks for helping! I'll try with your suggestions. Meanwhile, 
although there isn't SetNthPoint method, you must have seen there is a 
SetResolution method. So, what is it useful for? Why would I specify the 
number of segments composing the line with SetResolution method if a 
straight line is composed by one segment?

Again, thanks for your help!!


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