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Before retiring in 2004, I also maintained this code on Windows with Visual Studio 6.  There was nothing particularly unix-y about the code, just the details of the make system.

The conversion procedures are straight-forward and easily extracted.  However, they are not generalized for just any netCDF data you happen to have lying around.  Also, they were not written to the VTK developer standards.  I believe someone has begun to add netCDF routines to VTK, at least with the old netCDF interface.

If you decide to go further with this, take a look at Kitware's free CMake for Windows.  I'll be happy to answer questions about my source code.


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Hi John

Thanks for the info about e3/g3 - sounds useful. Unfortunately I work on windows and the code looks to be unix - is there a windows version of the software? If there was a way to port the netcdf-to-VTK /VTK-to-netcdf as a stand-alone converter, that would be great not sure how complicated that would be.



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