[vtkusers] polynomial solvers

Philippe P. Pebay pppebay at sandia.gov
Mon Dec 17 13:21:43 EST 2007


As part of the vtkMath -> vtkPolynomialSolvers transfer, I am soon going 
to move all remaining polynomial solvers from vtkMath to 
vtkPolynomialSolvers, i.e., the solvers for degree 3 and below (I have 
already moved the others a few months ago).

Subsequently, I will update all calls to these solvers in VTK.

Regarding other applications that use these solvers, there is nothing to 
worry about: backwards compatibility will be preserved. However a 
deprecation warning will be issued upon each call, advising you to 
modify your code in order to replaced vtkMath:: with 
vtkPolynomialSolvers:: wherever appropriate. Again, you won't *have* to 
comply with this requirement -- for the moment.

Please let me know if you have any comments. Thank you,
Philippe Pebay

Philippe P. Pebay
Sandia National Laboratories

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