[vtkusers] Using vtkpython with X11 on headless Mac OS X systems

W.T. Bridgman William.T.Bridgman at nasa.gov
Mon Dec 17 11:33:17 EST 2007

I have found some references indicating that I will also need to  
rebuild the python tkinter module so that it will use X11 Tk as  
well.  X11 Tcl/Tk seems to be part of the TclTkAquaBI package.

I understand they are installing an X11 option in the build script  
for python 2.5 but I'm still at Python 2.4 so I'll have to find a way  
to hack it.

On Dec 17, 2007, at 11:12 AM, kent williams wrote:

> If you want to use VTK Python, I believe you need to also build X11
> versions of TCL and TK.  Otherwise you'll get Carbon versions of TK,
> and they really don't play nice with X11.
> As for whether running OSX headless is the culprit -- don't know.  We
> don't use Python at all but we do use Tcl/TK with remote display from
> OS X just fine.

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