[vtkusers] Bug (?): /usr/lib/vtk-5.0/vtkCommonKit.cmake contains wrong elements

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Dec 13 13:37:20 EST 2007

Brad King wrote:
> Michail Vidiassov wrote:
>> The file /usr/lib/vtk-5.0/vtkCommonKit.cmake contains the setting of
>> VTK_COMMON_CLASSES; the last elements of this list look like
>>   "/debian/stage/vtk-5.0.1/Build/Common/vtkTypeInt8Array"
>> instead of
>>   "vtkTypeInt8Array"
>> What is the proper solution?
> The patch is correct.  No one ever filed a bug report in the VTK bug
> tracker about this AFAIK.  Anyway, I've applied it to CMake HEAD:
> /cvsroot/VTK/VTK/CMake/vtkExportKit.cmake,v  <--  vtkExportKit.cmake
> new revision: 1.12; previous revision: 1.11
> I've also sent it to the 5.0 branch maintainer for inclusion there.

Okay, the patch was not correct.  That code actually constructs files
that export classes from the build tree and files that export classes
from the install tree.  The old code was correct for the build tree and
the new code is correct for the install tree.  I've committed another
fix that does the right thing for each case.

/cvsroot/VTK/VTK/CMake/vtkExportKit.cmake,v  <--  vtkExportKit.cmake
new revision: 1.13; previous revision: 1.12


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