[vtkusers] Re: Building VTK make for java

Sebastien Jourdain jourdain at artenum.com
Tue Dec 11 12:09:43 EST 2007

You can find binaries for windows in the Cassandra project




> Hi All,
> I tried building VTK with cmake and VB6 but in VB I am getting java errors somehow I am not able to get through. 
> Is there any way I can make the VTK binaries in simple manner ? (
> for this a very good reponse i received from Elhassan but with my system contraints I am )
> I want to develope in java please suggest accordingly.I need VTK.jar to be build up at my place. 
> If some one can share libraries that shall help. 
> replies are appriciated. 
> TIA,
> -Naresh

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