[vtkusers] vtkInria3d example error

Pierre Fillard Pierre.Fillard at sophia.inria.fr
Sat Dec 8 10:20:26 EST 2007

Hello Jim,

Are you trying to compile the examples provided with the vtkINRIA3D  
source code or your own code?

The error you report simply means that the vtkINRIA3D include  
directories were not found or are wrong.
Just make sure that the following lines are present in each  
CMakeLists.txt of the examples:

   MESSAGE(FATAL_ERROR "vtkINRIA3D not found. Please set  

If I remember correctly, these lines are not set in the CMakeLists of  
the vtkINRIA3D examples (while they should). Just copy them and let  
me know if it fixes your problem.

Hope this helps.
Pierre Fillard.

On Dec 8, 2007, at 3:33 PM, abatzis at ceid.upatras.gr wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> i m using vtkInria3d in conjuction with itk and vtk. Althought it  
> compiled
> successfully in a minimal set-up(use ITK, no widgets and no xwidgets),
> when i m trying to build an example with VS 8 i get a fatal error
> description: couldnt open include file vtkViewImage3D.h:No such  
> file or
> directory. Any help about the correct build options, so as to use
> vtkInria3d as my program's output visual editor and info about the  
> error
> would be appreciately welcomed.
> Jim
> Bsc:Computer Engineering & Informatics
> Msc:Medical Physics
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