[vtkusers] eliminate duplicate nodes

Oliver Gloth oliver.gloth at engits.com
Thu Dec 6 04:28:59 EST 2007

Dear VTK Users,

I am currently working on an open-source project - developing a mesh
generator for CFD simulations. Due to budget and time constraints I have
chosen to use the VTK data structures as a basis, instead of writing my own
data structures. Furthermore this makes building a GUI (based on Qt) to
modify and visualise the mesh easy. One thing that is required is a filter
to merge two grids and eliminate duplicate nodes. Is such a thing already
part of VTK, or does somebody have a piece of code that would do this? The
implementation is not trivial, because the 3D search can be very time
consuming. If it doesn't exist yet I will implement it myself, but I would
like to avoid double work as much as possible.



Dr.-Ing. O. Gloth
enGits GmbH
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